Lava creates visual identity and digital publication Spoorbeeld

Many identities are designed for static (print) use and then used in interactive environments. The identity of Spoorbeeld is designed using the interactive application as a starting point.Therefore it works much better both online and offline eventually.

Spoorbeeld, developed by Bureau Spoorbouwmeester, sets the guidelines for the design of all the trainstation surroundings in the Netherlands. Lava designed an identity that reflects the essence of Spoorbeeld, namely: what is the meaning of a detail (a bench on a platform), in relation to the whole (the looks of the station area). The digital publication discloses all information, leglislation and inspiration regarding the experience of the Dutch railways in a clear and visually attractive way.
Bureau Spoorbouwmeester was established in 2001 on the initiative of the Dutch Railways and ProRail.Spoorbeeld is established for all parties that are involved with the railways and their surroundings: station owners, operators, designers, users, governments and Prorail and the Dutch Railways.Every four years a publication provides all parties with guidelines. The guidelines have a legal status, they are used in policymaking.Spoorbeeld is written from the point of view of the traveller in the railway environment. It presents a vision on the travellers’ experience. In a dynamic, constantly changing environment this document provides uniformity, clarity and legibility.

Essence of the project
Spoorbeeld has always been a print publication. But in 2011 BSM decided to move online.Together with the creation of a new visual identity they asked Lava to create a new digital publication that combines the new policy with a selection of inspirational examples of the effect of the advice of BSM.

Lava formed two teams. One would work on the new visual identity. The other on the content, structure, interaction of the new publication. Both teams worked closely together with the content team of Bureau Spoorbouwmeester. Cinnamon translated the design with great attention to detail to the browser. The co-creation process with the team of BSM and Cinnamon strongly influenced the outcome of the project.

The strategy lead to a new visual style and the website that both resemble the ambition and vision of the new Spoorbouwmeester.The relationship between the element and the entity resulted in a modular system where all the elements are building blocks on a square grid. The online publication has a very clear navigation, that is also optimized for tablet use. The results are a wonderful example of what Lava aims at: synergy between rock solid visual design and user friendliness online.
"“In the process of designing for Spoorbeeld interactive design and that way of thinking has had a substantial influence on the identity design. This is unique for this project and completely in line with what Lava aims at"" Hans Wolbers (Creative Director of Lava)
About Lava


Lava is a design agency with offices in Amsterdam and Beijing. Within Lava people from a variety of backgrounds collaborate: from brand strategy to digital, motion and print design. Together we create concepts that enable brands and organisations to communicate and interact in ever more digital environments.


Lava is een Nederlands ontwerpbureau met vestigingen in Amsterdam en Beijing. Mensen met verschillende achtergronden werken binnen Lava: van merkstrategie naar digitaal, motion en print design. Samen creëren we concepten die merken en organisaties in staat stellen om te communiceren en interacteren in toenemend digitale omgevingen.